Besst Workouts 12-Week Strength & Muscular Growth Program

This 12-week workout program is a blend of strength & hypertrophy-based, meaning that the goal of these workouts is to increase muscular size, development, & strength throughout the duration of the program! 

For 12 weeks, you will have 4 workouts per week. I have the workout splits scheduled out each day for you, but as always make them work with your schedule however you need.

Primarily you just need dumbbells for these moves.  Resistance bands and a yoga mat are also highly recommended.  A step and/or bench would be helpful, although you can definitely modify those moves and do without if you don't have one.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a member of the Besst Workouts Weekly Workout subscription, this 12-week program is free to you and available in the "Plans" section of your app, and the downloadable PDF is located under "Resources" on the Besst Weekly Workouts page.


*Your lifetime purchase of the 12-week Strength Program includes the downloadable/printable PDF with information and all of the written workouts.  The app-based portion of your purchase is a value-add.  If for some reason the Besst Workouts App should shut down permanently, you acknowledge that the app-based delivery of the workouts will not continue and that your lifetime purchase price only covers the 12-Week Strength & Muscular Growth Program PDF.  You may keep that forever regardless of app status.

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