Postpartum Fitness Guide

The postpartum fitness guide aims to help you recover from pregnancy and labor, work to heal diastasis recti & pelvic floor dysfunction, & return to your favorite activities.  This postpartum guide will outline how to self-check for diastasis recti, how and when to begin exercise (when given clearance from your doctor), core & pelvic floor strengthening and rehabilitation exercises, & other helpful tips.  

It has 6+ weeks worth of gentle rehabilitative breathing exercises for pelvic floor and core work you can begin as soon as you feel ready after birth, then 4+ weeks of strength training and ab rehab exercises to regain strength once given clearance from your doctor.


Your lifetime purchase of the Postpartum Fitness Program includes the downloadable/printable Postpartum Fitness Guide PDF. The app-based portion of your purchase is a value-add. If for some reason the Besst Workouts App should shut down permanently, you acknowledge that the app-based delivery of the workouts will not continue and that your lifetime purchase price only covers the Postpartum Fitness Guide PDF. You may keep that forever regardless of app status.

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