Besst Weekly Workouts

Come get strong & fit with me! Here’s what you get by signing up for the Besst Workouts App: 

  • Each week you will receive brand new daily workouts via either the Original Program (3-4 strength workouts per week) or the Low Intensity Program (2 strength workouts per week + a yoga workout). The workouts are a mixture of primarily strength moves with some pilates & plyometric moves mixed in.
  • Workouts will focus on both strength endurance as well as muscular development to improve cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle, & change overall body composition
  • 2-3 Cardio workouts per week will also be scheduled into your app calendar for both programs
  • ANY new workout challenge is included in your membership
  • The 12-Week Strength Training Program is included in your membership
  • New to exercise? Your membership comes with a 4-Week Foundational Program, which I highly recommend as a starting place for everyone. There are also Form Tip videos you can watch prior to starting so you know how to have good form.
  • The Besst Workouts App is compatible with IOS and Android devices


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Weekly Mini-Membership

The Besst Workouts Mini-Membership is perfect for anyone who is looking to incorporate my workouts into their existing workout schedule, but don't need a full week's worth! You will get 2 workouts per week/8 per month, one of the Original Program Workouts and one of the Low Intensity Program Workouts straight to your app calendar.  If you want the full schedule of workouts, please subscribe to the Weekly Workout subscription above.


I love the idea of giving someone access to daily workouts and a community of women prioritizing their health & wellness while remaining balanced and enjoying life.  Truly that is a gift that keeps on giving.  This would be a great gift for a friend or family member, and then you can get a subscription for yourself so you two can workout "together", even if it's virtual.

Upon purchase, you (as the giver) will be sent the unique gift code via email to the email address you provided at checkout.  Then you are able to share that unique gift code with the recipient to use to either make a new account or to apply to an existing membership under Billing Information on the web platform.  Be sure to share they need to do this via the web platform at and apply their unique code at checkout.  The unique code is case sensitive so make sure you share it exactly how you receive it via email :) copy/pasting the code is probably best!

After signing up on the website, they are able to download the Besst Workouts App in the iPhone App Store or Android Google Play Store.

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"Before kids I went to the gym every morning at 5 am. 7 days a week. Watched what I ate very strictly. Then I got pregnant and ate all the foods. Once she was born that love for working out was replaced by an overwhelming love for her and mom guilt when it came to doing stuff for myself. I lost the weight but just didn’t love it anymore. Baby number 2 came along and I loved working out even less. My 30th birthday hit and my goal of “fit by 30” was seriously lacking. I had already followed Bess but right at my birthday she started the first challenge. I had to do something. I struggled at first because man was I far from the shape I was in before kids. But then I started to see results. I felt good after the workouts. Stronger! I was able to get through them and actually in 30 minutes! 30 minutes and the burn I can get in that small amount of time with two littles is a godsend! Bess has been the best cheerleader through it all and makes it such a personal experience you feel like you have a workout buddy right there with you. I’ve lost 25 lbs which is great but even better I have fallen back in love with working out. My girls do jump squats and burpees with me too which is pretty darn cute." - Kelly F.


"I truly love these workouts! I’ve seen incredible results in my strength and stamina, but most importantly in my confidence! Bess is a natural motivator and her positivity is contagious. I’m so glad I found her workouts!" - Katie M.


"As a mom of a two-year-old who works from home, Bess' quick and effective workouts have been a lifesaver for me! I love that I can fit them into my day with no excuses but still see results. I got hooked on her workouts through a free challenge she ran on Instagram and immediately signed up for the app once it was available. I've seen physical changes but I also feel more energized, motivated in my everyday life, and overall happier! I hadn't regularly exercised in years and finally have found my groove with the help of Besst Workouts." - Leslie P.


What equipment do I need? A lot of the exercises require no equipment at all, but below are what I would recommend:

+ Dumbbells: having a pair of dumbbells between 5-8lbs to start would be great!  Specific weights are dependent upon individual fitness levels.  I personally use a pair of 2lbs, 5lbs, 8lbs, and my kettlebell is 12lbs.  (Read this blog post about choosing the right weights.)

+Resistance Bands:  The Besst Workouts 5-piece resistance band set is perfect for the workouts.  They come with five bands of different resistance levels and they really help take your workouts up a notch.  They are also perfect for taking on the go so you never have to miss a workout!  If you would like this set, please reach out to me!

+ Yoga Mat: You could get by without one but I do think that it makes floor moves more comfortable on your spine, knees, etc! And then for stretching afterwards.

+ Foam roller.  I highly recommend a foam roller.  I'll show you how to use it in the app but I could not live without my foam roller!  It is crucial for recovery and massaging out lactic acid and sore muscles to help stay injury free.

Again, don't let it be a deterrent from joining if you don't have these things yet.  Tons of the moves can be performed without any equipment at all or just using your own bodyweight as resistance.

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Besst Workouts App is a subscription app that will charge to your selected payment method, each billing cycle, on the same date you originally signed up. Your subscription will continue until you choose to cancel.  If you choose to cancel, you will still have access to your account for the remainder of your billing cycle.  Access to the Besst Workouts App will be revoked once your subscription has expired.  By subscribing, you agree to subscription fees being billed automatically to the payment method provided by you, on the renewal date of your term.  There are no refunds.



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